Transform your life

Inspirations stem from varied walks of life.

Read glimpses of universal lessons.

View the external world and self-awareness.

Reflect on ideas of succcess & health.

Know this book is inspiring you & others.

About the Author

Liara Covert is a life coach, spiritual teacher, author & transformation guru. She shares insight gained through life and travel experience in 60 countries. She currently resides in Melbourne.


Transform your life

Listen to highlights of Liara Covert's third book, including the nature of testimonials, summary of content and how choosing to awaken more fully helps you and actually helps everyone.

Receptive to raising self-awareness?

Glimpse 730 inspirations who guide the author's awakening and they can expand your horizons too.

Ready for reflections and action?

This tool is for you! Use it as a roadmap to clarify a focus. Gain insight into how to take steps to explore points of self-reflection, and expand your own awareness through journal exercises.

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Shatter your own myths & dispell limitations

Feel more confident during life transitions

Be increasingly fearless

Experience more acceptance and peace

Feel empowered in any situation 

Create a new identity or focus

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